Disruption Media partnered with local agency Sanders\Wingo and answered the questions: How can we reinvigorate consumers and improve competitive position? And how do we position value?

Brand Idea: KFC has always been a family brand. But what constitutes a family has evolved. We want to make sure we include all of possible kinds of families that are celebrating moments enhanced by KFC.


Life is hectic. Work, school, relationships, etc. and many of us find ourselves lucky to know our family has our back. Similarly KFC wants to let consumers know that we have their family’s back. We want KFC customers to have a family event even when they run out of time to prep for one. Disruption Media will create avenues for memorable times enhanced by KFC with the ones our customers cherish most: their families.


KFC does a great job of encompassing the spirit of Colonel Sanders, while still leaving wiggle room to tap into a more youthful spirit. The Colonel’s profile and facial hair has become known
worldwide and is easily recognizable. 11 original spices and a secret recipe boast great flavor with that southern, homestyle finish. KFC also does an excellent job of providing options that can cater to all types of families, and promotes new items every couple months to keep their menu novel. Management and employees are committed to serving good food fast, as per their mission statement published in 2013: “To sell food in a fast, friendly environment that appeals to pride conscious, health minded consumers.”

A quick analysis of KFC’s mission statement reveals some flaws and room for improvement. It is very clearly product-oriented, which is a drawback in an environment that requires a consumer-focus. To better address our targeted audiences (busy mothers of young children and men ages 18 to 34), KFC should address both their attitudes and expectations of their employees and their family-oriented philosophy that we suggest they take. Otherwise, any campaign tactics designed to reach families will ring false.


 Our tactics encompassed TV, outdoor billboards, Digital/Mobile space, and events.


We placed first out of the four teams competing this semester.

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