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blog.plazalecea.cmThe Event Center at Plaza Lecea is an elegant venue available for a range of corporate and private parties, including conferences, trade shows, weddings, and extravagant birthday and anniversary celebrations. 

Their WordPress blog was out of date and out of alignment with the rest of their brand.  Since blogs are so visual it was important that the new template include a lot of quiet whitespace so that photos of the events, the venue, and the happy guests are the main attraction.  We really wanted to showcase the work of our vendors and be able to refer potential clients over to them as well.

I updated the template and reorganized and recategorized blog posts to better reflect what the blog was about and to make it easier for visitors to navigate:
  • About the Event Center at Plaza Lecea
  • Tips & Trends
  • Vendor Spotlights
  • Real Weddings
Having a Tips & Trends category to contain Wedding Dos and Don'ts, colors of the season, and easy DIY and decorating ideas makes Plaza Lecea a friendly expert at their trade: flawless events!

To improve SEO I integrated WordPress' Google+ plugin.   As part of our social outreach with the blog, I authored both the Facebook and Google+ pages.  The Event center staff had long been using  Facebook, but Google+ was a new platform for them.  We wanted more reviews to showcase on Google, as well as the location and affiliate information to appear in its entirety on Google Maps.  Google+ was just the tool and community to make this happen.
Continuing the social outreach, I also reintroduced Instagram and watermarks to the staff.  On Instagram, Plaza Lecea could celebrate their guests, showcase their partner photographers and other vendors, and interact with similar accounts and blogs.

I installed an Instagram plugin on the sidebar of the blog to make it easy for visitors to view recent posts and to follow @PlazaLecea with little hassle.

Beyond the Blogging

Plaza Lecea had a Facebook Page, but was not utilizing it to the fullest.  For their Winter Open House, I created a public event with cover photo and flyer designed and produced by yours truly.  All of the registered vendors were included (hey - free advertising!), invited to the event, and tagged in posts and in photos.  This not only made the vendors feel appreciated and more than willing to return for our Summer Open House, it also reached many potential guests by sharing our posts with their networks.

This flyer was shared the vendors, and even one of the guests before the event.  The photos that came afterward were even more powerful as guests posted them on their own Facebook timelines and tagged the Event Center!

Visit Plaza Lecea's blog here.

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  1. Thanks to the staff at this place for making our event so enjoyable and if I ever get married. I know where to go! Great job all of you. Price was not too bad, considering the quality of food and beverages. Everything at San Francisco venues was excellent.


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