READING: Mad Women: The Other Side of Life on Madison Avenue in the '60s and Beyond by Jane Maas

Bruce McCall of The New Yorker says it best: "Under the guise of a Madison Avenue Memoir, Jane Maas slips in a shrewd and witty firsthand sociocultural history of America in the sixties and seventies from a woman's point of view.  A smart, funny, irreverent woman."

Mad Women is a full account of a female copywriter's world view in a male-dominated field.  Maas flits between the professional and the personal in her storytelling in a way that only decades of practice could perfect.  She perfectly describes the fashion, the workplace dynamics, the sex, and the motherhood of 1960s America.

Along with anecdotes about wonderful and not-so-wonderful clients, Maas leaves a trail of advertising breadcrumbs and life advice.  I've listed my favorites below:

"Most successful advertising mirrors society; it doesn't lead the way."
"Get the money before they screw you, darling." ~ Shirley Polykoff
"Advertising people are always quick to claim credit; if we have contributed a comma, we claim a chapter." 

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