The Melissa's Custom Gifts e-commerce website was in sore need of updating.  Not only was its current theme on the Magento 5 out-of-date both stylistically and functionally, but the search function was touch-and-go, the product images were often poor quality (if they showed up at all), and our returns from the Google search engine were often well beneath competitors' sites.

Introduce the new responsive for HTML 5 Magento theme.  Now the website is simplified and modern, and the signature hex code turquoise color announced our brand presence.  The new website will function on varying screen sizes, making it optimal for shopping from cell-phones and tablets to better reach our intended audience where they are.  The categories are easy to navigate, and there are even new functions like downloadable products and easy-to-connect social media tools.

This website came after we cleaned up and unified the Melissa's presence on the following apps and web pages: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Yelp, Foursquare, LinkedIn, Toovia, and Google+.  Determining the voice and personality of the website depended heavily on the presence that followers had come to expect on the social media platforms and the popular Etsy page.

melissas's custom gifts original website

Website Previous Home Page

New Melissa's Website Home Page

New Melissa's Website Home Page

Categories & SEO

Containing big search-engine optimized keywords was necessary on the home page.

Responsive HTML5

Easy to view on tablets and smart phones.

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