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When I joined Underground Social in the spring of 2017, the group was undergoing a bit of an identity crisis. Three amazing young professional women had started the women's networking group out of the strong desire for more purpose-driven networking and had gotten to work straight away on nurturing meaningful connections and relationships with the Kansas City community. The USKC brand was an afterthought.

Millenial Pink became a staple color in social posts and event invites, default fonts were the standard on all internal and external communication, and basic became good enough. As the group neared its second birthday, leadership decided that it was time to delegate. Thus, board positions were formed and I became the Marketing Chair.

Original Underground Social Website | 2016-2017

I set about creating a new logo that would better embody the professional and welcoming spirit of the organization, one that wasn't using generic canva art and fonts.

First Logo Attempts

These first logo drafts were improvements, but not amazing. With what I call my USKC Fashionista, we started to break away from what was "safe" and adventure toward an idea that was more unique. I was also given permission to break away from the millennial pink. Chelsea Laub, the new USKC president, sent a fateful email:

"What would you think if we moved away from the “Millennial Pink” in the USKC logo, and maybe moved to a more navy & yellow/gold I may be totally off base with that idea – just a thought. What do you think?"

I set to work on a new color palette and presented two options to Chelsea:

I thought the second option (bottom) would be the sure winner, but she picked the top! With colors selected, I started on the new website layout and branding and decided to revisit the logo later.

We're putting the new logo options to a vote at our next board meeting, so stay tuned!

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