How to Get More Blog Traffic From Instagram

That love-hate relationship with Instagram that you've heard bloggers talk about? Yep, that's a thing!

And you've probably heard it said if you're running a business you have to be on Instagram (and I do think that's true!) Instagram can be an excellent tool for your business or blog, but if it's the only platform you're focused on growing then you might just be focusing on the wrong thing.

Because you know what? Instagram could shut down tomorrow.

So yes, you should focus on Instagram. But not only on Instagram. Your true goal should be capturing conversions on your website.

I'm in quite a few Facebook groups focused on helping bloggers and entrepreneurs maximize and optimize their marketing efforts, and a really common request that always gets the comments rolling in is "Instagram tips? I'm just getting started and want some ideas on how to use it for blog traffic, please!"

I've found - and I'm not the only one! - that one of Instagram's biggest limitations is the lack of linking ability. You only get that one single link in bio! If you have more than 10k followers, you can also take advantage of the 'swipe up' feature in Stories, but if you're just starting out you probably have a way to go before you'll have that follower count.

So even if I add the URL to every applicable gram or that cute "link in bio!" at the end of every caption, there's still only one link on my entire feed, which means it requires constant upkeep to stay up-to-date.

Why Linktree ( Wasn't Working for Me Anymore

Linktree answered an immediate need to be able to add more links to your Instagram bio. But what I realized was that Linktree was actually taking traffic away and I was surrendering control. Those initial clicks from curious Instagrammers were going to Linktree instead of to my blog.

Instead of using a third-party tool like Linktree, I decided to create an Instagram links page on my own blog and use my single Instagram link to send people there! That way, I'm directing people to MY website and can fully take advantage of their visit with the right CTA & branding.

How to Make Your Own Instagram Links Page 

1. Create a new page on your blog.
I kept mine pretty simple and called it "Insta Links!"

If you will be using these buttons for affiliate links, make sure you include the required disclaimer.

2. Design and create your buttons. 
I used Illustrator to create each "button" as a jpeg, but Canva is a good option if you don't have design software.

I chose to make buttons for my most popular blog posts, CTAs (like sign up for my newsletter), freebies, and collabs/partnerships. Each button uses only my brand colors and brand fonts.

I didn't make buttons that would take a visitor to other social media accounts because those links are already accessible in my sidebar.

Depending on your platform you may have the ability to create buttons on the site itself.

3. Load and link your buttons.
Load your buttons as images onto the page in the order you want them to appear and added your URLs.

This is what my Insta Links! page looks like on my blog.

To keep it easy for your readers and visitors, you can make sure each link is set up to "Open in a New Tab."

4. Add your link to your Instagram bio. Let's not forget why we created this page in the first place: so that you can optimize your link real estate in Instagram!

Let me know - was this helpful? Do you want more content like this? I'm here to tell stories and delight clients, so tell me what you need from me!

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  1. So helpful! I seriously needed this post like yesterday. Lol. Still trying to figure out how to get more blog traffic via IG! Thanks for the tips <3
    -Taylor Foley

  2. Great tips! IG is definitely hard because of the no linkage issue.

  3. This is such a great idea. I had heard that Linktree was killing people's views, and I stayed as far away from that as I could. I had never though about making a dedicated page for my links! Totally going to do this right now!

    Ashlee |

  4. Thanks for posting! I'll have to remember this in the future.

  5. I've been meaning to do this!! Any suggestions on good CTA's for the links? I'm still working on my opt-ins :(.


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