BRANDING: The Girls From Austin Blog

The Girls From Austin is an online lifestyle and travel resource for city-loving women in Austin, TX.  With an ultimate mission to inspire discovery and passion for the city of Austin, the first mission was nailing down branding for the new blog.

First things first - the color palette.

Austin is an eclectic outdoor destination, so it was important that the colors I chose would reflect the summery and welcoming personas of both the city and the bloggers.

Next came the logo.

While Austin was to play a key role in the content that these bloggers would produce, the keyword of their name was from, giving more freedom to write about excursions and events outside of the city. So instead of focusing on a typical Austin attributes like the skyline or riffing off the "live music capital of the world" tagline, I focused on Texas as the basic shape to start with and further customized the text to fit the desired brand attitude.


No branding project is complete without a few important deliverables.

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Visit The Girls From Austin to see all the elements working together!

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