So, where should you be sharing to grow your online presence?? ⁣

So, where should you be sharing to grow your online presence?? ⁣

Short Answer: It depends on our current situation and your goals!

Long Answer: It depends on a lot of different things! There are so many options that knowing where to focus your time and resources is a challenge. It's always best to do one thing really well than do a lot of things poorly.


  1. Do you already have an audience on a particular platform?
  2. Do you want to nurture and grow your current audience where they are, invite them to join you elsewhere, or build a new audience somewhere new?
  3. Do you have the time and resources to allocate to showcasing your brand in the best light on a new platform?
  4. What are your goals for your audience on your existing platform? What are your goals for your audience (and yourself!) on a new platform?


Instagram - Connect with potential customers in real-time through IG stories, lives, and IGTV. It's a super visual platform but realism is craved. Hashtags are your keywords and comments on your engagement metric. Your captions should inspire your followers to take action.

Facebook - Collect reviews from previous clients, showcase your best work in photo galleries, and share related content from other creators that inspire you, offer an add-on service to your clients, or establish you as an expert resource in your field.

Pinterest - Pinterest is a visual search engine. Use it to catch the eye of action-focused potential clients while they're searching for something you offer and direct them to your website.

Blog - Maximize the SEO potential of your website by writing posts around key topics that you want to rank for when clients search for your service on Google.

Together, these different platforms cater to your audience and show off your business or brand to address different needs. Getting them all to work together is POWERFUL (and necessary for brand success!) 💪🏼

Have a question about how to use a specific platform for your business? Let me hear it 💬!

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