Anatomy of an Optimized Blog Post

Writing an engaging blog post is just the first step! A perfect blog post hooks people from the Title and carries them step-by-step to the conclusion of the post, but good writing isn't enough anymore. You want it to put its best foot forward and really serve your readers and be optimized for search engines and social sharing, so make sure every post you write has the following 12 elements.

  1. Awesome title 
    This is the first thing your potential reader is going to see, so make it good!
  2. Feature Image
    Your first image or feature image will be the default image wherever your blog post is shared. Use your own custom photography, graphics, or make sure you have permission from the copyright holder. Multiple images will help break up lengthy posts. Don't forget the alt text!
  3. Keywords
    Check out this post about keyword research
  4. Interlinking 
    Link to your other related posts.
  5. Share icons 
    Make it easy for readers to share your blog post on their own social media accounts.
  6. Comments enabled
    Invite your readers to leave their feedback, responses, and more in comments.
  7. Opt-in Offer a freebie and collect those email addresses to grow your email list.
  8. Affiliate links
    Are you a member of any affiliate networks or have a brand deal? Share links to your recommended products within your post for your readers.
  9. Meta description / Search description
    Check out this post about meta descriptions - what they are and why they're important for SEO.
  10. Headlines with appropriate H2 tags
    Headlines and sub-headlines help organize your blog post and make it easier for readers to skim for what they most want to read.
  11. Pinterest graphic
    Pinterest is basically an image-based search engine, so you want your blog post to have it's own "listing" on the platform. Create a graphic that you'll pin to your own board. Design one that you yourself would want to repin if you came across it.
  12. Call-To-Action
    This could be your opt-in, a call for readers to leave a comment, a link to a product you've been recommending, anything! Give your reader an action item to take away at the end of every post.

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