A Love/Hate relationship shouldn't define your social media strategy

We all know that the love/hate relationship with Social Media is a real phenomenon. Let's turn it into a real, true love affair...

I have built + scaled passionate communities to increase engagement, revenues & customer loyalty -often in 140 characters or less - across today's major social media platforms.
If you're a fan of scheduling tools, I'm an expert at using them: Buffer, Hootsuite, Planoly, SocialPilot, Tweetdeck, and more!

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How to Get More Blog Traffic From Instagram

2:06 PM 0
That love-hate relationship with Instagram that you've heard bloggers talk about? Yep, that's a thing! And you've probably h...

How to Turn 1 Session into Multiple Social Media Posts

1:08 PM 0
You already know it's important to show up consistently for your audience. And I know it can be hard to show up when you don’t have...

So, where should you be sharing to grow your online presence?? ⁣

2:29 PM 0
So, where should you be sharing to grow your online presence?? ⁣ Short Answer: It depends on our current situation and your goals! ...

3 Things I Learned from the #InstagramDown + #FacebookDown Debacle of 2019

3:52 PM 0
Marketing experts who have been telling brands & companies since Day 1 to "own your list" are throwing back their hands a...

Kansas City Fashion Council, Inc + KC Pet Project Serve Day Social Media Campaign

10:34 AM 0
Only three weeks out from the event I was contacted to design and program a social media campaign promoting Kansas City Fashion Council, Inc...

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